Japan Insurance Network Limited (JIN) Insurance Agency

Corporate profile of Japan Insurance Network Limited

Name of
Japan Insurance Network Limited
Address 208 Studio Toranomon, 3-18-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan
TEL/FAX 03-6435-8342 / 03-6435-8343
Establishment 13th March, 1991
Commencement of
22nd August, 2013
Board of
Chairman Keisaku Sano
Managing Director Yoshimasa Taniyama
Executive Director & General Manager of Business development Masami Mizumachi & Takanobu Kurotsuka
  • Arrangements of Insurance cover to meet the needs of companies & individuals which come to Japan. We welcome consulting of risk management in English and Japanese.
    Please consult anything about risk managements with insurance.
  • Global Risk Consulting to companies which are going abroad

Organized Structure of Japan Insurance Network Limited

  • Non-Life Insurance risk covers for foreign offices, Embassies, International Schools, and non-Japanese
    • Non Japanese customers supported by staff in English and Japanese
  • Life Insurance risk covers for Domestic companies/Personal
    • Specialists mastered Life-Insurance of "Corporate/Personal Area"
    • Provision of right solution containing risks you have


  • Foreign based companies & their employees
  • Middle & Small sized companies going abroad
  • Cover of risks
    (Non-life Insurances and Corporate Life Insurances)
  • Collaboration with other agencies

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