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Welcome to the web-site of "Japan Insurance Network Limited" (hereafter JIN) established on 22nd August in 2013 as an International Insurance Agent.

Our business target areas are not only to help middle and small sized Japanese companies which are going abroad but also to support foreign based companies and non-Japanese that come to Japan and we are providing many kinds of insurances; Fire, Business Interruption, Motor Vehicle, Comprehensive Generali Liability, Comprehensive Personal Liability, Travelers, Movable, Marine and so on in English and Japanese.

Our parent company is "Japan England Insurance Brokers" (hereunder JEIB) which was authorized as a first Japanese Insurance Broker in London Market, and landed the business in U.K. around 30 years ago. In October 2013, finally JEIB was admitted to a Lloyd's Broker. Also in December 2012, JEIB Japan which is our bother company and a subsidiary of JEIB was established as an independent insurance broker in Japan.

Now we are in a position to handle Life Insurance Business as well as Non-Life Insurance Business. We hope that we will be able to launch Life Insurance Campaign from now on, and will go on together with our customers and insurance companies.

JIN would be very pleased to discuss your insurance requirements with you and, if appropriate, to carry out a strictly confidential review of your current insurance arrangements at no cost or no obligation to you.